Friday, January 6, 2012

Boredom Busters

My kids aren’t so subtle when they are starting to get bored. As soon as they start hanging on my leg or begging for an early snack, I have to quickly redirect before it becomes an epidemic. Sometimes it’s hard to think of something FUN on the spot, so posted inside of the pantry door is a list of “Boredom Busters” that we have accumulated over time. We started with a list of blank spaces to add ideas as we go.

Every family has their own idea of fun, so you can download the blank form here, print, post your list, and start adding your own “boredom busters.” Everyone in the family can add ideas and check back for something to do on a “boring” day.


To get some ideas flowing…here are a few examples that we have posted on our list right now (keep in mind we have toddlers):

  • run laps outside (really, they love this)
  • blow bubbles (dish soap and water if you don’t have bubble solution)
  • finger paint outside
  • play with play dough (using kitchen utensils)
  • decorate something with stickers (ex. empty milk jug)
  • sort a basket of toys by color, shape, size, etc.
  • music using kitchen supplies (ex. wooden spoons, mixing bowls, tupperware, etc.)
  • obstacle course using couch cushions and anything else fun to climb
  • puppet show (can setup a sheet and use stuffed animals, socks, or of course puppets)
  • treasure hunt (give them each a bag and send them looking for “something blue” or something that has a letter “A”, whoever collects the most wins!)
  • play inside / decorate cardboard boxes
  • sort laundry (socks, shirts, pants, etc.) – kids love “helping”

Happy boredom busting!

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