Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Reactions to Twins

I wrote this when our twins were a couple months old, it’s really funny to reread since so much of it still applies. Here are some of the common questions us twin parents get, along with my thoughts:

“Is that twins?” (while I’m hauling the double stroller with two infant car seats)

No, I just had two babies at once. Ok fine, they’re twins.

“Is it two boys or two girls?”

95% of the time the people asking are staring directly at the babies. This question always baffles me because they are always covered with BLUE (C) and PINK (M) blankets, hats, mittens, and passies. I usually delay my response to see if the person asking will put it together, but I always end up having to answer. I find that there are a lot of people that don’t know that twins can be fraternal, hence the one boy and one girl.

(After asking if they’re boy/girl) “Are they identical?”

Yes, completely. Oh wait… except their eyes, noses, heads, genitals, skin complexion … alas I just answer no. People usually are totally oblivious that identical means EVERYTHING has to be identical, including gender.

“Did they come out at the same time?”

Of course! Is that even possible? I gently responded that no, they were 8 minutes apart, but I had my sarcastic answer at the tip of my tongue.

“Did you have to have sex twice to get two?”

A mother of four asked me this in Gymboree right before she showed me how she breastfeeds in the middle of the night. I thought she was joking and almost couldn’t recover my laughing.

“One of each, how lucky!”

And to think I thought we were lucky because they’re healthy.

“My ________ has twins…”

Everyone knows someone that has twins.

“You’re too young to have twins.”

Really? Thanks. When will I be old enough?

“Did you use drugs?”

Yes, caffeine. Did YOU use drugs while conceiving?

“I’ve always wanted twins.”

Hahahaha! Sucker.

“Do twins run in your family?”

Yes. And do they walk in yours?

“Wow, you have your hands full.”

Oh thanks for telling me. I feel like it’s my special little secret that it really isn’t bad at all, and I love every day of it.

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