Friday, March 16, 2012

Letter Matching

It doesn’t take too much creativity (proof) to come up with an interactive game to teach your toddler a new skill. One day the twins got into the cabinet full of paper plates/cups. They were fascinated by some cake sized plates, so I decided to turn them into a “game.”

On each plate I wrote the capital and lower case letter for each letter of the alphabet, ex “Aa”, “Bb”, etc,. Then we collected all of the letter fridge magnets and put them in a tub. It was simple: the kids take turns picking a letter from the tub and putting it on the correct plate.



The reward? A peanut! We keep the tub on the mantle and do it every day after nap and now they come running out begging to play “the peanut game.” (Shhh! … they think it’s about peanuts, but us mommies know it’s about letter recognition)


Depending on the age of your toddler you can decide how many letters (plates) to do each week. We did 5 letters each week and it seems to be a pretty good pace for 28 month olds.


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