Friday, April 6, 2012

Busy Activities, Week 2

I slacked on capturing pictures this week, but no time for excuses. Here’s what we were up to.

Grouping Legos by Color: I like to gear activities around what the kids are really into, and that happened to be Legos this week. We grouped Legos by color, little M couldn’t get enough and even after we were done she ran around collecting and stacking more Legos.


Sound Puzzles: More puzzles again this week but we did sound puzzles. When the piece is put in place it makes the sound of the animal.


Stringing Wooden Beads: I tied large buttons at the end of strings and gave them a box of large wooden beads. The options are endless. They can sort shapes, colors, do patterns, etc. I love watching the different stringing techniques too.





Painting with Dot Art: We colored Easter eggs using the dot paint. This was a new way to use the dot paint. Some parts they would “dot” and other areas they would do long brush strokes.


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