Monday, April 30, 2012

Busy Activities, Week 5

Sorry this is late, but here are a couple new activities that we had on schedule last week.

Cones: This activity was endless. I picked up two packs of cones from the dollar section at Target (that’s where I get most of the materials for their activities).


We explored different ways to stack the cones.



And made patterns with the cones, of course.


And made obstacles for them to hop, jump, and run around.


We also did hide-n-seek with the cones and by the end they were using the cones to collect their favorite toys. Two year olds love to collect. We got about 2 hours out of this activity, and that’s a winner in my book!

Window Tracing/Drawing: I’m always looking for new mediums to color/draw/trace on. We have some washable window markers, so I figured we could have some fun with tracing through the windows!


On plain paper I made different designs. You could also do letters, number, addition problems… or whatever it is your little one is learning.


Then I hung them from the outside so the kids could trace them from the inside (the opposite would work to on a nice day!).


And then let the monsters loose with the markers. I showed them the concept of tracing on the first couple, and then let them go to town.



They ended up filling in the shapes, but they had fun doing it and that’s the important part!


And my favorite step … give them each a wipe and convince them that cleaning the windows is fun!


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