Saturday, January 31, 2015

Four kids in one room

With the arrival of baby #5 quickly approaching, we decided to redo the “big kids” room to accommodate the older 4 (baby will have her own room for now). Their ages are 5, 5, 3.5, and 1.5 and this is the arrangement we came up with. The result is a room that is very functional, not overly cramped, and the kids LOVE it. We also maintained our policy of no toys in their room. Want a tour?



Each bunk bed has a trundle (not pictured, the trundles arrive in a couple weeks). For now it will be used for storage, and later we will put mattresses in to accommodate sleepover friends. This is where we store off-season clothes, shoes, or clothes that are in-between sizes for the girls.



I went with neutral comforters for all the beds and then they each got sheets coordinating to their favorite color. I also coordinated their shelves (made from Ikea spice racks) and letters with the same color.





The animal  Storage Boxes hold each of their pajamas  and shoes are in the baskets on the bottom row. Sweaters/jackets are hung up (and organized by hanger color per child). The grey baskets in the top of the closet are used to store things that we rarely access like winter hats and such.




Their clothes are sorted on this 4 x 4 shelf. They each get 4 baskets to accommodate all their clothes. The girls are separated into Underwear, Tops, Bottoms, and Dresses. Cooper doesn’t have a Dresses basket but one for button up shirts. In case you’re wondering, I’m completely over trying to keep my 1-5 year olds’ clothes neatly folded in a drawer, so baskets work great! Each morning they all congregate on the rug and retrieve their clothes and get dressed.



On the walls I printed a few pictures of the kids in black and white mixed in with a few cutesy signs. With 2 sets of bunk beds, and a large closet and window, there really wasn’t much wall space left.


Under the window we have tubs for things like head bands and kids jewelry, and they each have a “treasure box” to keep a few personal items that they don’t want others to touch.


Well that’s the tour. It’s been a few weeks of the new setup, and it’s working really well.

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