Thursday, June 21, 2012

Canvas Handprint Tree

For father’s day we made this handprint tree on a canvas using all acrylic paints (brown, white, green, and blue) and a plain canvas.


Start with a blue background. Once it dries, sketch on the tree. I used a pencil to sketch it out first and then mixed brown and white paint to get a couple different shades of brown.


If you want to surprise your hubby, you can use a toothpick or skewer to carve your initials into the tree while the brown paint is still wet.


Once the tree trunk is dry make several shades of green (I used one shade of green per kid) and put their cute little paw prints on the branches.


You can use the same etching with a toothpick trick to label the handprints.


We used alphabet stickers to spell out “happy fathers day” and the kids names. Apply the stickers to the dried canvas, paint over them with a slighly darker shade of blue, and peel off to reveal your message.


The kids were so excited to show daddy what they had made. His reaction was priceless and totally worth our efforts!



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