Thursday, July 26, 2012

School Lunches

My toddlers are starting preschool soon, where they will bring their own lunches each day. I fell in love with these Skip Hop Zoo Lunchie Insulated Lunch Bags. They are super cute and come in over 10 designs and they are the rights size for little hands.


A million little ziplock bags or individual tupperware to hold the food in their lunchbox seemed like too much work for my kids. After reading many reviews I decided on the  EasyLunchboxes because they are very durable, one piece bento style box, and look how perfectly they fit in the Skip Hop Lunchies.


I throw in their favorite napkins (from and a fork and they’re ready to go!



We love this new lunch box system and the kids look forward to opening up their lunches each day. I got so many good lunch ideas from, that I want to try and post what my kids get packed in their lunches. See the album on the right side where I’ll post some of their favorite lunches.


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  1. This is really great--I am definitely taking tips for when D starts preschool. Have you seen the school lunch roundup on 100 Day of Real Food? She has some great ideas in there!